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Tree Service in Banning

Chudy Tree Care has been honored to serve the Banning region since 1993. Our locally run and locally owned tree service is fully insured, bonded, and licensed. We are regarded across the region as the leading local tree service because of our years of experience, but we also attribute our outstanding reputation to the high level of service provided by our staff. Every Chudy Tree Care team member exemplifies important values such as professionalism, an invaluable amount of expertise, and great integrity. People know us as the “large tree experts,” and we use cutting-edge technology and methods to ensure every project is as successful as it is safe. We would be glad to show you what distinguishes us, so please call us right away to let us know how we can best serve you!

Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Tree pruning is an important action for improving the structural integrity, overall health, and aesthetic appeal of trees. By properly pruning leaves and branches, the tree’s look is improved while possible threats are reduced. Early spring or late winter are ideal times for tree trimming because they precede the first signs of new growth and enable the tree to dedicate energy and essential resources more efficiently to growing and thriving.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the meticulous and targeted removal of branches from the tree canopy. This tree trimming service aims to optimize air flow and sunlight penetration across the tree’s crown, resulting in a healthier and more stable growing environment.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction involves trimming large branches back with a great deal of precision. Our Banning tree trimming experts will strategically carry out this process to minimize the overall size of the tree while preserving its beauty and structural integrity. This strategy is used to control the spread and height of the tree.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the methodical removal of weak, diseased, or dead branches from the tree canopy to improve general health or structural integrity.

Stump Removal

Chudy Tree Services, the finest tree service near you, uses complete stump removal to improve your property’s appearance and safety. Our professional stump removal service removes unattractive tree stumps to remove hazards, such as tripping, and eliminate impediments to landscaping operations, such as mowing. We turn unwanted stumps into new mulch using our highly efficient stump grinding technique, which ensures that both the roots and visible portions are completely removed. Using modern grinders with sharp teeth, we methodically grind the stump until we complete the removal with precision blade work. Trust us to provide the most successful and effective stump removal service in Banning and to significantly improve the safety and beauty of your outdoor space.

Tree Removal

As a highly-regarded Banning tree service, we recognize the importance of keeping trees in the best possible shape. Tree removal is one of many aspects of keeping your property safe and healthy. We provide professional Banning tree removal services that are tailored to your specific needs. We’re prepared to manage it all with accuracy, efficiency, care, and dependability.

The most common reasons for tree removal include:

Root Damage

As tree roots evolve, they may extend far and wide. This means that they could ultimately cause damage to foundations or subsurface utilities, which calls for immediate removal.

Diseased Trees

When trees become infected with disease, prompt intervention is required to avoid the transmission of illness to other flora and fauna. Eliminating diseased trees protects the overall well-being of the environment and your property itself.

Storm-Damaged Trees

Trees that have been damaged by a storm could pose substantial threats to their surroundings. If trees are left weak and damaged, they endanger the safety of people and property – which means they should be removed by our tree removal service professionals.

Space Constraints or Obstructions

Trees can hinder views, impede construction operations, and block pathways. There are numerous legitimate reasons to remove a tree, and using your property to its fullest is one of those reasons.

Dead or Dying Trees

When a tree is dying or dead, its unstable condition can present serious safety risks. Dead trees need to be removed as soon as possible due to their increased risk of falling and inflicting personal injury or property damage.

We also offer:

Palm Tree Skinning

Corrective Pruning

Commercial Services

Tree Lacing

Large Tree Removal

Canopy Reduction


Firewood Sales

Fruit Tree Pruning

Residential Services

Boom Service

Emergency Services

And More!

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