5 star ratingSteve and his crew took on a VERY difficult job removing 4 huge pine trees next to our fence. One large branch ( a tree in itself!) was hanging over the fence and into the neighbor's yard. In spite of the limited access, Steve was able to get all 4 trees out quickly and professionally. The crew worked efficiently and the job was done in less than a day. This is a great tree service for all your tree cutting needs!
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Sondra H.

Tree Service in Highland

Chudy Tree Care has been proudly serving the Highland area since 1993. Our locally owned, locally operated tree service is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are known throughout the region as the premier local tree service because of our extensive experience, but we also owe our stellar reputation to the exceptional service of our team. Each Chudy Tree Care staff member exhibits essential qualities like integrity, professionalism, and a priceless wealth of knowledge. We’re known as the “large tree experts,” and we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to make every project safe and successful. We would be honored to show you exactly what sets us apart, so give us a call today and let us know how we can be of assistance!

Tree Services

Tree Removal

As the most trusted Highland tree service, we understand just how important it is to keep trees in good condition. Tree removal is one of many parts of maintaining your property’s health and safety. We offer expert Highland tree removal services tailored to meet your unique needs. We are equipped to handle it all with precision, care, efficiency, and reliability.

The most common reasons for tree removal include:

Dead or Dying Trees

When a tree is dead or dying, its instability can pose significant safety hazards. Since they are more susceptible to falling and causing property damage or personal injury, dead trees must be removed in a timely manner.

Diseased Trees

When trees are diseased, this indicates that immediate action is needed to prevent the spread of illness to other trees and greenery. Removing diseased trees also safeguards the overall health of the ecosystem and your landscape.

Storm-Damaged Trees

After a storm, trees can pose significant hazards to their surroundings because of damage. When trees are left fragile and damaged, they pose risks to both property and personal safety – so they must be removed by our tree removal service experts.

Space Constraints or Obstructions

Trees can stand in the way of construction projects, obstruct views, or stand in the way of pathways. There are a number of valid reasons to remove a tree, and ensuring optimal functionality of your property is just one of them.

Root Damage

When tree roots grow, they can spread far and wide. This means they might eventually cause damage to underground utilities or foundations, necessitating prompt removal.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a vital practice that enhances the structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and overall health of trees. By carefully pruning branches and foliage, the tree’s appearance is enhanced and potential hazards are also mitigated. Late winter or early spring are the optimal times for tree trimming, as these seasons precede the onset of new growth and allow the tree to allocate resources efficiently toward budding and flourishing.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning involves the meticulous removal of dead, diseased, or weak branches from the tree canopy to enhance its structural integrity and promote overall health.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the careful, selective removal of branches within the tree canopy. The goal of this tree trimming service is to improve light penetration and air circulation throughout the tree’s crown, ultimately fostering a healthier and more balanced growth environment.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction involves the precise trimming back of larger branches. Our Highland tree trimming professionals will strategically execute this task to reduce the overall size of the tree while maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. This technique is used to manage the tree’s height and spread.

Stump Removal

As the top tree service near you, Chudy Tree Services prioritizes thorough stump removal to enhance your property’s safety and aesthetics. Our expert stump removal service eliminates unsightly tree stumps, addressing hazards like tripping and removing obstacles for landscaping activities like mowing. With our highly effective stump grinding process, we transform stumps into fresh mulch, ensuring complete removal of the visible portion and the roots. Utilizing advanced grinders equipped with sharp teeth, we meticulously grind away at the stump until we complete the removal with our precise blade maneuvering. Trust us to deliver the most professional and efficient stump removal service in Highland and to dramatically enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor space.

We also offer:

Corrective Pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning

Crown Reduction

Commercial Services

Stump Grinding


Residential Services

Tree Lacing

Firewood Sales

Palm Tree Skinning

Emergency Services

Boom Service

Canopy Reduction

Large Tree Removal

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